Family Reunion

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We’re in the days of a global FAMILY REUNION! What has been separated for years from generational trauma and drama, God’s bringing back together. This means wounds and issues that we’d rather forget or ignore because of the pain, are being brought back up. We cannot have family authority until we deal with family abuse. Judgement starts with God’s family first, so that we can be made a pure example to the world when the harvest of souls comes home. Whether you like it or not, the Father is unapologetically bringing these things up. If you ignore this moment, you’ll be swept up in hatred and the coldness of love in the last days. 

What does the word REUNION mean? Reunion is an instance of two or more people coming together again after a period of separation. The act or process of being brought together again as a unified whole. Over the past couple months, I’ve been witnessing the intensity of having to fight for this very thing to happen. In the fray of spiritual warfare against division, pride, rebellion, ungodly mindsets, and stubborn hearts, I’ve come to realize that it’s because family isn’t just a natural thing, it’s a spiritual thing. 

Think about it! Both heaven and earth respond to family. Even Jesus told us to pray to the Father for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:9-13). Don’t you know hell hates family? Why? Because heaven celebrates family! And hell hates what heaven celebrates! Satan loves to break up families by turning their hearts away from one another. It’s what he did in the garden of Eden. Notice how Adam and Eve’s heart turned from loving one another to blaming one another. The same thing passed on to Cain and he murdered his brother Abel. But praise God, because our Father already had a plan to reconcile our hearts back together! He released the Spirit of Elijah to turn the hearts of families toward one another, so that together we could break the curses in the land.

Malachi 4:5-6- See, I will send the spirit of the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”

However, before we can have family reunion, we have to have family repentance. The parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-24, is a prime example of what this looks like. A son takes his father’s inheritance and wastes it in the world. Then a famine, which is a curse hits the land. This once prominent son, becomes a starving slave who serves by feeding pigs. It’s during this low point that he begins to long to be reunited with his father. So, he takes the humiliating journey home with nothing but an apology. As he’s rehearsing his lines of repentance, he’s rushed by the undignified love of his father who never stopped waiting for him. When the son repented, his heart was instantly reconnected to his father and his return was celebrated.

Like all the parables in Luke 15, when there’s repentance on earth, it causes rejoicing in heaven. When we fail to repent, we never find a way home. But even if we’ve been acting like prodigals or orphans, we can be healed by returning and reuniting to the Father’s heart. The beauty is that the Father is already waiting with open arms for His repentant sons and daughters. Hallelujah! When someone is truly repentant, there’s no process just a party! This is the gospel! This is the good news! 

If your heart is broken because of your sin and distance from the Father know this:

Only the Father’s heart can heal your wounded heart. This is your call back home to the Father and His family. Repent of your sins and return with your whole heart. Father God is waiting with open arms to run toward you, kiss you, and celebrate you.



Family Reformers

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Isaiah 64:8- You, LORD, are our Father. We are nothing but clay, but you are the potter who molded us.

I don’t know about you, but when I go through moments where I don’t understand what God the Father is doing, I ask questions. Recently, I acknowledged my own heart ache in order to gain understanding of what He’s doing throughout the body of Christ. I asked my Father, “What’s happening? Everything seems to be falling a part! What’re you doing?”He responded, “I’m reforming My family.” In my mind I’m wondering if it has to be so painful. And that’s when the Holy Spirit brought Jeremiah 18:1-12 to my heart. So I opened my Bible and I was amazed at how the Lord began to minister to me.

The Spirit of God showed me that the Potter’s house is actually the Father’s house. It’s the place where He births and He builds. In His house, there’s safety and structure. It’s where He can be hands on, in order to break things off of us and impart things into us. Isn’t that profound? He also showed me, that the Potter’s wheel is His heart and that’s where He puts us to shape us. Wow! I was undone by the vivid reality of His care. But even in my undoing, I sensed some lingering sadness within me. Several weeks ago, He told me that His children need loving discipline to become mature. This reforming love seemed to be connected to the Father’s house/Potter’s house on the Father’s/Potter’s wheel.

So I asked, “How do you reform us into a healthy family through discipline, when so many have been abused?” In our conversation, He revealed to me that the only way to undo bad discipline is to undergo proper discipline. This is how learn from our mistakes, so that we don’t relive them. It’s only when we properly apply this biblical truth, that we can walk in the true spiritual freedom it talks about. Think about it! So many people abused Jesus, but God still used Jesus. He rested upon the Potter’s wheel and the Father formed Him into a vessel of salvation for the entire world. Jesus didn’t give people the power to shape or stop Him and neither should we. It’s the Father who shapes us despite what people have done to us. Let me share 3 examples that I believe will give you perspective to stay on the Potter’s wheel no matter how uncomfortable things get.

  1. In 1 Samuel 24 & 26, David went through the abuse of discipline from King Saul. King Saul was his governmental leader, captain, employer, mentor, and father-in-law. Because of Saul’s jealously, David lost his best friend, his wife, his family, and years of his youth. Yet David, didn’t kill him when he multiple opportunities to do so. He even mourned Saul’s death and killed those who bragged about killing him. The entire time, David’s character was being formed on the Potter’s wheel.
  2. Fast forward to David experiencing the proper use of correction from a prophetic confidant named Nathan in 2 Samuel 11 & 12. Nathan was a friend, brother, spiritual companion, and a prophet to David. Now King, David had gotten lazy, slept with a married woman, got her pregnant, and then had her husband killed. With all his sins hidden, God lovingly sent a messenger to bring order back to David’s life. When the discipline came, David repented and received the consequences for his actions. This matured him and he never repeated the same mistake.
  3. Lastly, there’s the false form of love that doesn’t address wrongdoing called neglect. When you neglect to love through discipline, you’ll face an even greater challenge. You’ll be attacked by those you refused to correct. You can discover this for yourself through David’s relationship with his son Absalom in 2 Samuel 15, 16, & 17. I believe this type of  neglect is rooted in fear that tries to mask itself as love. I’ve learned that when we’re motivated by fear to uphold even the best of causes, we’ll end up in error. It’s impossible for fear to properly receive or translate truth. Only love can empower us to carry out the truth of disciplinary love.

If you’ve been abused, corrected, or neglected, you must hold onto the truth that you’re in the Father’s hands. God doesn’t condone the actions of abusive people. He weeps with you in every single one of those moments. With His strength, He shapes you into a beautiful vessel despite the hardships you’ve endured. You’re valuable to Him! The Potter’s wheel is in the Father’s house and His house is all about reforming the family to be what it was called to be.

Below is a prophecy declaring and inviting you into what God is doing now:

God is REFORMING the FAMILY. What has been DEFORMED for generations, He’s REFORMING! The Spirit of God is calling for REFORMERS OF FAMILY! This will require men and women of every generation to come together and endure the REFORMING process. The body of Christ is on the POTTER’S WHEEL world wide. This wheel is in the FATHER’S HEART! He’s BIRTHING and BUILDING simultaneously. On this wheel, you’ll at times be SPINNING, at at other moments you’ll be STATIONARY. No matter what know this, “You’re being FORMED into a vessel of glory by His firm and loving hands.” Will you stay on the wheel long enough to be REFORMED to bring REFORM?


Revival is Messy/Family is Messy


Galatians 4:19- Oh, my dear children! I feel as if I’m going through labor pains for you again, and they will continue until Christ is fully developed in your lives.

Never have I understood the cry of Paul’s heart from his writings more than in this current season of my life. The personal agony that I feel has become a tutor to my spiritual maturity in ways that if I’m honest, I’d rather not endure. However, in the midst of wanting the pain to cease, the love of Christ compels me to continually trust His process as He highlights one thing… FAMILY.

My pastor taught me that “Revival is messy.” If that’s true, which I believe it is, that means that the revival in our families is going to be messy too. Think about it! There’s never been a moment in our existence where the Father didn’t focus all of His attention on family. And because of that reality, Satan has come against it from the very beginning. Family is what causes revival to spread! God designed family to be the ultimate weapon against the forces of evil on the earth. It’s also the only way to spread the truth of the Kingdom from generation to generation and from nation to nation. But when Adam and Eve sinned, all families became trapped in a cycle of brokenness.

We need help! Do you know that the only way to break a dysfunctional cycle aka curse, is to become the curse? And that’s exactly what Jesus did (Galatians 3:13). He was birthed into a broken world and joined a broken family. Jesus connected to a dysfunctional lineage and broke the power of the curse from the inside. Now, none of us have any excuses why God can’t completely deliver us and our families from the bondage of brokenness. This is wonderful news isn’t it? Of course it is!

Yet, we must be aware that in order to keep the brokenness and curses from returning to our families, we need one vital ingredient… LOVE! But before you relate that word with sweet and sappy emotions, you must understand the type of love I’m speaking about. I’m talking about the Proverbs 3:11-12 & Hebrews 12:7-12 type of love. It’s a disciplinary-love that keeps us from falling into the same unproductive patterns of our ancestors. For some, especially in our feel-good society, this is a curse word. But I assure you this is one of the most profound aspects of love we can experience. This is the love of God that legitimizes you and I as sons and daughters. This love deals with the immaturity in us that tends to deceive us or allow us to be easily deceived by the enemy.

Trust me, I understand that some may have abused or have been abused by the misappropriation of loving discipline, but this is something God established for family and through family way before it was misrepresented. The truth is, we need family. The reality is, family is messy. Family is a powerful thing and still such a fragile thing. Must of us spend our lives trying to avoid family, because of the pain we’ve experienced in one. But we have to stop avoiding the pain in the relationships that have the most purpose connected to them. Just because pain hurts doesn’t mean it’s bad. It proves we’re alive! It proves we’re connected! And it can teach us a lot about ourselves by how we respond to it.

In John 14:6, Jesus tells us that no one can get into a relationship with the Father until they connect to Him as the Son. This means, you can’t get into the Kingdom without getting into the family. NO MORE AVOIDING FAMILY! NO MORE AVOIDING GOD’S LOVE THROUGH DISCIPLINE! Don’t let fear drive you away from the type of love that proves you belong to a family! If God rebukes you, it means you play a part in the relationship. When He confronts you about an issue, it’s not to control but to connect  hearts. We must never look as the Father’s correction as rejection. Jesus corrected Peter and he always knew that he was loved and that he belonged. One more thing, if you’re easily offended it means you’re immature in your understanding of God’s love. Read and meditate on 1 Corinthians 13. It’ll help you grow strong in this type of love.

Lastly, you and I will never have a perfect family, but we’ll always have perfect heavenly Father.


Birthing Pains

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I believe the body of Christ needs to grow in our understanding of what it truly means to be a prophetic movement. Many times, we go through difficult moments as individuals and we tend to forget that we’re all one part of one body. God designed us to be spiritually connected. That means, what God’s doing in you is something that He’s doing in me too. Furthermore, everything that you and I go through has prophetic significance woven into it. Lord wake us up to this truth!

As someone who observes what the Spirit of God is doing among His people, I’ve noticed that we’re in a season of struggling to give birth. Those struggles look like divisions and distractions that’ve been weakening our personal connections to God and our corporate connections with each other. It’s a demonic strategy to cause us to miscarry or abort the purposes of Jesus placed into our care. Listen to me, if the enemy can weaken enough members of the body of Christ, when it’s time to give birth, we won’t have the strength to deliver the promises of God.

This is painful! But we mustn’t attribute this pain as solely coming from the enemy. This pain is simply a part of the birthing process. And processes, were never meant to be easy or convenient. They mess with our schedules, desires, and routines. However, the pain I want to speak to you about is the pain of barrenness. Why? Because our barrenness often precedes a spiritual birthing. 

You may be asking yourself, what does this “barrenness” practically look like? Well, it can look or feel like there’s no intimacy or connection to God or others. It can feel like there’s nobody around who understands you. It can seem like there’s no hope, which leads to no faith, no strength, no answers, and no voice to cry out with. Can you relate to this? 

The Lord has shown me that the Body/Bride of Christ is a “Hannah Season.” Read 1 Samuel 1:1-20, to get the full prophetic picture in your spirit. Like Hannah, we’re in a season of sacrifice in Shiloh aka our place of rest. That means we’re feeling restless in our usual routine. This is where the birth pains of barrenness come into our soul! We feel bitter, agitated, frustrated, downhearted, depressed, anguished, troubled, grieved, and have lost our appetite for spiritual things. We’ve allowed the bitterness of barrenness to take up to much room in our spiritual womb.

While the battle rages within, the enemies of our soul (Peninnah, Hophni, Phinehas) begin to provoke us with a comparative narrative of the fruitfulness and prosperity of others. Accompanying that, are religious and worldly thoughts that war against the mind of Christ in us. Lastly, poisonous words spew out from every direction imaginable in order to twist and manipulate the perspective of God for our lives. All of this is happening because the Bridegroom wants to birth something from your barrenness.

This is where we begin to respond with the anguish of our souls and the cry of our spirits. Prayer, intercession, and travail are the birthing techniques of deliverance that focus our strength to deliver what we’re pregnant with. It’s from this birth canal that our souls are poured out, so that God’s Spirit can be poured out. Now God as our Husband and High Priest, hears our heart and responds. Why? Because we’ve moved from prayer request to prayer quest. 

We no longer care what it looks like or sounds like to others, because our gaze is on God and God alone. Do you mind if I shed more light on what the Lord’s doing in your life? You’re pregnant with prophecy! That means your pain must be prophetically interpreted. If your birth pains were bitterness and barrenness, the prophetic mandate you’ll carry is to release the sweetness of God that brings His abundant life to others. Like a mother, overwhelmed with joy after child birth, so will you be overcome with the joy of the Lord from giving birth to what was in your spirit. Hallelujah!

You may be asking yourself, “What do I do with this?” Here are some prophetic tools from Hannah’s Story in word of God:

  • Pour out your soul to God. Whatever the looks like hold nothing back. He’s not afraid of your anger, tears, or complaints.  
  • Move your lips! Let your voice be heard! When you break your silence, God breaks your barrenness. 
  • Receive God’s peace and favor as He answers you. This isn’t a feeling, but it is an assurance.
  • Be intimate! Spend time with God and people who understand what you’re pregnant with.
  • Believe you’ve entered into your season of fulfillment as you trust in Him. You might feel like things are different, but if God spoke it He’ll do it.

It’s time for you to no longer focus on the pain, but on the Prince of Peace. PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! Give birth to something new. God has made room for you to walk in the fullness of joy and vibrant glory. You’ve been delivered to be a deliverer of good news! May all the pain and power gained in the process result in praise to Jesus Christ. Amen!

Death Sentence


Throughout time, there’s been a special emphasis and even honor for the last words someone speaks. It’s as if the person is saying, “Live out and accomplish in your lifetime, the things I could not.”  Some people carry these last words out in such a way that the world remembers the legacy they embody. It’s sad to say this, but many in the body of Christ have forgotten the last words of Jesus and have failed to carry on the Great Commission He gave us.

Jesus’ last words can be found in Matthew 28:18-20. “Go make disciples” was left as the eternal instructions from the heart of God to those who heard it and still hear it to this day. I don’t know if you know this, but Jesus didn’t come to the earth just to be believed in. He came to be followed after! We see it throughout society, many believe Jesus existed, but very few follow His example. My conviction is that we must clarify the difference between a “believer” of Jesus and a “disciple” of Jesus. If we don’t, the world will be just as confused as many in the Church still are.

What is DISCIPLESHIP? Discipleship is the introduction of a new way of life that supersedes someone’s previous way of living. It’s a life long process of dying to self to be transformed and then conformed to the image of Christ. But death to self is the introduction and first step to discipleship. It’s a death sentence so to speak! Please understand that I’m not referring to a physical death, but rather a death to our selfish nature.

That’s why Jesus would say things like, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves, take up their cross daily, and follow me (Luke 9:23).” Or He would challenge some like this, “Go and sell all your possessions, give it to the poor, and then come follow me (Matthew 19:21).” This is what makes discipleship difficult and rarely preached in most Churches. No one wants to die to self, because self has replaced living sacrificially like the Savior. Self is the ultimate obstacle to true discipleship. Especially when true discipleship is meant to kill our selfish self, so that we can truly embody the selflessness of Jesus.

Now before you think I’m a masochist, I want you to know that all Biblical discipleship is rooted in God’s love and value for people. We cannot be true disciples of Christ until we know our God-given value. But God’s value system is different from ours. God values us based on who we were are. We value ourselves based on what we do. Jesus has placed value on us before we were born (Jeremiah 1:5 & Psalm 139:13). And we seek  our value in everything around us, as we live in constant disappointment on how unsatisfying that is.

For some, it might seem like Jesus is being selfish by asking us to deny ourselves, but He’s not. Do you know how I know this? Because selfish people create followers, not disciples. Jesus told His disciples that they would do greater things than Him (John 14:12). He knows your value! Jesus loves you! It’s from that place of understanding your value, that He asks you to lay down your life. Why? Because until you die to your self, you can’t live for Him and serve others the way He would. Jesus knew His value as a Son and learned obedience by the things He suffered (Hebrews 5:8)When you follow Him as a disciple, your value is secure as a dearly loved son/daughter, not a SLAVE. Praise God!

Would you like an example? Everyone loves the Apostle Paul right? (Read Acts 8:1-3 & Acts 9:1-22) We read his inspiring letters to the early Church, but we often forget he used to persecute and imprison the people who were Jesus’ disciples. But all of that changed, when he had an encounter with Christ. Saul was blinded by the Light, so that he could finally begin to see the Light. Jesus sent a disciple named Ananias to pray for Saul and show him a new way to live. When Saul was baptized, he died to self, so that he could live in Christ as Paul. Hallelujah!

Saul was valuable to God before he was born, but he terrorized instead of evangelized (Galatians 1:15-16). When he was born again, Paul was called to be a true disciple and die to self. He learned many lessons through persecutions, stoning, beatings, imprisonments, accusations, betrayals, starvation, shipwrecks, demonic thorns, false brethren, and death. But even throughout all of that suffering, he made a choice along the way to encourage other disciples to stay strong in their faith. Read this scriptures and be encouraged.

Galatians 2:20, Ephesians 4:22-24, Philippians 3:8, Romans 6:6-7, Romans 6:11-14, Romans 8:12-13, Romans 12:1-2


  • Jesus made disciples and we’re called to make disciples. 
  • Discipleship ensures a life long process of dying to self. 
  • The greatest hinderance to discipleship is the love of self.
  • When you die to self, you can truly live for Christ. 

Unlocking The Harvest

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“Pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Matthew 9:38

In a recent time of prayer, my spirit began to burn with the desire to know more about Jesus and His heart for the harvest. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “harvest,” it means the coming in of countless souls into the Kingdom of God. As the Lord began to speak to me, little by little I began to discover what “UNLOCKS THE HARVEST” and the power that is made available to all of us in order to reap it.

So, what unlocks the harvest? The very first thing I was shown was that, it’s God’s Word that unlocks the harvest. Just like a seed going into the ground unlocks what’s inside, God’s Word going into a human heart unlocks eternal life. As people of faith, we can never minimize what God has maximized. Time and time again in scripture, we’ve been shown that God’s Word has the power to maximize any situation, circumstance, or soul. The story of the woman at the well (John 4:4-42) is a prime example of the Word of God unlocking the harvest.

Jesus sat down by a well to have a conversation with a Samaritan woman. After some dialogue, Jesus told the woman to go and get her husband. It was a supernatural set up! When she replied that she didn’t have a husband, the Holy Spirit gave Jesus a WORD (John 4:17-19) that UNLOCKED this woman’s heart. She left her water pot and became a water spout! Jesus TOLD her about herself and she TOLD her entire town about Jesus. This one moment became a movement! The WORD that UNLOCKED the Samaritan’s heart, had UNLOCKED a Samaritan’s harvest!

To drill in my point even further, it’s the WORD in the right soil that UNLOCKS the HARVEST. So why is it that so many Believers who know the Word of God, choose not to  UNLOCK the HARVEST we’ve been told about? I believe JOHN 4:34-38, reveals that we have the same issues that the early disciples and apostles had. We need to open our eyes! The fields of hungry hearts are ripe! As God’s seed sowers, we need to sow God’s Word, so that the reaper’s can reap God’s heavenly harvest.

Listen to me, the only HARVEST you’ll SEE is the HARVEST you SEED! And the SIZE of the HARVEST will always match the AMOUNT of SEEDS you and I have sown. God’s Word is absolute! Whatever He SPEAKS, He intends to REAP (Isaiah 55:11). Like the disciples, I believe we have to repent, before we can reap. And all of this happens with humility and confession in prayer to the Lord of the Harvest Himself.


PRAYING THE WORD (Matthew 9:35-38)

*We need to receive God’s burden/compassion for the harvest*

OBEYING THE WORD (Matthew 10:1,5-7, Luke 10:1-2)

*We need to receive the faith to believe God for the harvest*

DISPLAYING THE WORD (Luke 9:1-2, 6-9)

*We need to receive God’s gifts to become a laborer/worker in the harvest*


  • Take time this week to PRAY, OBEY, and DISPLAY the Word of God. Remember, all momentum starts with a moment. Let your small moments, become big movements.

Signature of God


What is a SIGNATURE? Simply put, it is an identification mark that represents the authority of the person who made it. This distinctive marking symbolizes the person’s identity and authority, even if that person isn’t physically present. We see this all the time with name brand companies. If you wear any product from Nike, it doesn’t mean that the creator is physically there. However, his mark or brand is physically on another person who can represent the nature of their company. Their NATURE is now a SIGNED onto another!

So my question to you is, “Who’s SIGNATURE is on your life? In the Old Testament, the NATURE of God was SIGNED on stone tablets, so that the Israelites ungodly NATURE coudl be changed. In Exodus 20:1-17, you can read the ten commandments that God gave Moses to give to the people. The Lord Himself wrote down each letter with His own finger. The law was being instituted to lawless and hard hearted people. It’s as if the stone tablets represented their stoney hearts (Ezekiel 36:26).

2 Corinthians 3:3-18 & 2 Corinthains 4:1-6 must be read to fully understand the years of conditioning that those who needed the law to tell them what to do, instead of relying on the Lord to speak to them. The law had God’s weight behind it, but the life that Jesus came to give had an even greater glory on it. It was no longer about the letter of the law, but the letter of love. Jesus came to fulfill the law, but those who were blinded thought that He was breaking them.

In John 8:1-12, we read the story of Jesus sitting down teaching people about the Kingdom. All of sudden, the meeting is interrupted by a crowd of angry law men. A barely clothed woman, who they caught in the act of adultery, was made to stand in front of this crowd and Jesus to pay for her sin. These men quoted the law to SIGN her death warrant. With judgement in their hearts, they demanded Jesus that Jesus speak up on the matter. Instead of standing to judged, He stooped low to SIGN in the dust.

The SIGNATURE of the Savior was being written the dust of this woman’s life. The law said to STONE her, Jesus SIGNED to SAVE her. He told them, “Whoever has no sin, cast the first stone.” From oldest to youngest, they dropped their stones and walked away. When all the accusers had gone, Jesus stood very close to this woman. Her eyes had looked down the whole time, but now it was time for her to look up. The merciful Savior spoke, “Woman, where are your accusers? Is there no one left to condemn you?” She looked up and around and said, “I see no one.” With love and grace Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and leave your life of sin.”

Would she receive the SIGNATURE that could change her NATURE? There were no more accusers, there only stood the Savior. The religious mob thought they were putting her in front of a crowd, but they were actually being used to bring her before the King. In that moment, Jesus revealed to all that He was and is the fine print at the end of the law. It’s the SIGNATURE of His grace! Hallelujah! This SIGNATURE can change any STORY.

You may be asking yourself, “Can Jesus really change my story?” Check out Psalm 103, where Jesus shows the world what His SIGNATURE has approved. He forgives all, heals all, and delivers from all. All is all! I’ve come to realize more and more that whatever Jesus SIGNS His NAME on, He ASSIGNS His NATURE to. And He only ASSIGNS His NATURE to accomplish His WILL. The truth is, no one can accomplish the WILL of the Father without the SIGNATURE of the SON. How do you get Jesus the SON to SIGN His name to your life?

It’s as simple as Romans 10:9, which says, “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

If that’s a decision you’re ready and willing to make, don’t hesitate to call out to Jesus and ask Him to come into your life and give you His eternal life. He’s stooped down in the dust of your life and stood by you to extend mercy. There are no accusers around, just a loving Savior. Today is your day, receive the free gift of salvation that comes with a relationship with Jesus Christ.