Unlocking The Harvest

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“Pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Matthew 9:38

In a recent time of prayer, my spirit began to burn with the desire to know more about Jesus and His heart for the harvest. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “harvest,” it means the coming in of countless souls into the Kingdom of God. As the Lord began to speak to me, little by little I began to discover what “UNLOCKS THE HARVEST” and the power that is made available to all of us in order to reap it.

So, what unlocks the harvest? The very first thing I was shown was that, it’s God’s Word that unlocks the harvest. Just like a seed going into the ground unlocks what’s inside, God’s Word going into a human heart unlocks eternal life. As people of faith, we can never minimize what God has maximized. Time and time again in scripture, we’ve been shown that God’s Word has the power to maximize any situation, circumstance, or soul. The story of the woman at the well (John 4:4-42) is a prime example of the Word of God unlocking the harvest.

Jesus sat down by a well to have a conversation with a Samaritan woman. After some dialogue, Jesus told the woman to go and get her husband. It was a supernatural set up! When she replied that she didn’t have a husband, the Holy Spirit gave Jesus a WORD (John 4:17-19) that UNLOCKED this woman’s heart. She left her water pot and became a water spout! Jesus TOLD her about herself and she TOLD her entire town about Jesus. This one moment became a movement! The WORD that UNLOCKED the Samaritan’s heart, had UNLOCKED a Samaritan’s harvest!

To drill in my point even further, it’s the WORD in the right soil that UNLOCKS the HARVEST. So why is it that so many Believers who know the Word of God, choose not to  UNLOCK the HARVEST we’ve been told about? I believe JOHN 4:34-38, reveals that we have the same issues that the early disciples and apostles had. We need to open our eyes! The fields of hungry hearts are ripe! As God’s seed sowers, we need to sow God’s Word, so that the reaper’s can reap God’s heavenly harvest.

Listen to me, the only HARVEST you’ll SEE is the HARVEST you SEED! And the SIZE of the HARVEST will always match the AMOUNT of SEEDS you and I have sown. God’s Word is absolute! Whatever He SPEAKS, He intends to REAP (Isaiah 55:11). Like the disciples, I believe we have to repent, before we can reap. And all of this happens with humility and confession in prayer to the Lord of the Harvest Himself.


PRAYING THE WORD (Matthew 9:35-38)

*We need to receive God’s burden/compassion for the harvest*

OBEYING THE WORD (Matthew 10:1,5-7, Luke 10:1-2)

*We need to receive the faith to believe God for the harvest*

DISPLAYING THE WORD (Luke 9:1-2, 6-9)

*We need to receive God’s gifts to become a laborer/worker in the harvest*


  • Take time this week to PRAY, OBEY, and DISPLAY the Word of God. Remember, all momentum starts with a moment. Let your small moments, become big movements.

Signature of God


What is a SIGNATURE? Simply put, it is an identification mark that represents the authority of the person who made it. This distinctive marking symbolizes the person’s identity and authority, even if that person isn’t physically present. We see this all the time with name brand companies. If you wear any product from Nike, it doesn’t mean that the creator is physically there. However, his mark or brand is physically on another person who can represent the nature of their company. Their NATURE is now a SIGNED onto another!

So my question to you is, “Who’s SIGNATURE is on your life? In the Old Testament, the NATURE of God was SIGNED on stone tablets, so that the Israelites ungodly NATURE coudl be changed. In Exodus 20:1-17, you can read the ten commandments that God gave Moses to give to the people. The Lord Himself wrote down each letter with His own finger. The law was being instituted to lawless and hard hearted people. It’s as if the stone tablets represented their stoney hearts (Ezekiel 36:26).

2 Corinthians 3:3-18 & 2 Corinthains 4:1-6 must be read to fully understand the years of conditioning that those who needed the law to tell them what to do, instead of relying on the Lord to speak to them. The law had God’s weight behind it, but the life that Jesus came to give had an even greater glory on it. It was no longer about the letter of the law, but the letter of love. Jesus came to fulfill the law, but those who were blinded thought that He was breaking them.

In John 8:1-12, we read the story of Jesus sitting down teaching people about the Kingdom. All of sudden, the meeting is interrupted by a crowd of angry law men. A barely clothed woman, who they caught in the act of adultery, was made to stand in front of this crowd and Jesus to pay for her sin. These men quoted the law to SIGN her death warrant. With judgement in their hearts, they demanded Jesus that Jesus speak up on the matter. Instead of standing to judged, He stooped low to SIGN in the dust.

The SIGNATURE of the Savior was being written the dust of this woman’s life. The law said to STONE her, Jesus SIGNED to SAVE her. He told them, “Whoever has no sin, cast the first stone.” From oldest to youngest, they dropped their stones and walked away. When all the accusers had gone, Jesus stood very close to this woman. Her eyes had looked down the whole time, but now it was time for her to look up. The merciful Savior spoke, “Woman, where are your accusers? Is there no one left to condemn you?” She looked up and around and said, “I see no one.” With love and grace Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and leave your life of sin.”

Would she receive the SIGNATURE that could change her NATURE? There were no more accusers, there only stood the Savior. The religious mob thought they were putting her in front of a crowd, but they were actually being used to bring her before the King. In that moment, Jesus revealed to all that He was and is the fine print at the end of the law. It’s the SIGNATURE of His grace! Hallelujah! This SIGNATURE can change any STORY.

You may be asking yourself, “Can Jesus really change my story?” Check out Psalm 103, where Jesus shows the world what His SIGNATURE has approved. He forgives all, heals all, and delivers from all. All is all! I’ve come to realize more and more that whatever Jesus SIGNS His NAME on, He ASSIGNS His NATURE to. And He only ASSIGNS His NATURE to accomplish His WILL. The truth is, no one can accomplish the WILL of the Father without the SIGNATURE of the SON. How do you get Jesus the SON to SIGN His name to your life?

It’s as simple as Romans 10:9, which says, “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

If that’s a decision you’re ready and willing to make, don’t hesitate to call out to Jesus and ask Him to come into your life and give you His eternal life. He’s stooped down in the dust of your life and stood by you to extend mercy. There are no accusers around, just a loving Savior. Today is your day, receive the free gift of salvation that comes with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Fulfilling Prophecy In Community


Recently at In The Light Camden/Chester, we had Prophet Rob Sanchez minister to the body of Christ in a mighty way. I praise God for the power of His prophets still being active today to bring strength of heart, depth of faith, and increase in hunger. Being familiar with the aftermath of holy moments like this, I’ve learned that we have to move from prophetic excitement to prophetic fulfillment. If we never move on the word we were given, we’ll never see it come to pass. So my desire is to share some “HOW TO’S” in obeying God to fulfill His prophecies over us within a community.

Question 1: What’s prophecy?

Prophecy is foretelling or predicting the purposes of God by the Holy Spirit. 2 Peter 1:21 sheds some light on the prophetic that removes the fear of the human element being involved in something so divine. Words of prophecy don’t come from any human ability, but they come from the mighty moving of the Holy Spirit on/in/through us. Two scriptures I believe every student of the word should meditate on are: 1 Thessalonians 5:20 & Zechariah 4:10. No matter how small we think a prophetic word is, do not despise it! God never gives us a SMALL WORD, He always gives us a SEED WORD. As you know, a SEED must be nurtured in order for it to grow. It’s the same for the prophetic!

Question 2: What are your prophecies?

*Take time to ask Holy Spirit to remind you of the prophecies over your life. Write them down. If you’ve never received a prophecy, ask God to speak to you now. Write down what you hear, feel, or see Him saying to you. The Father speaks many ways, but mostly the way you can understand. Trust it’s Him!

In the book of 1 Corinthians in chapters 12 and 13, we’re reminded of the importance of the gifts of the Spirit and the body of Christ. I believe no one’s prophecy can be fulfilled alone. Every part of prophecy and every part of the body is important. None can say to the others, I’m more valuable than you. Our true value comes with being connected to others of great value. And God has shown us our value through giving us words of prophecy to fulfill together.

Question 3: What do you do when you receive a prophecy from God Himself or from God through someone else?

First, we all need to receive what resonates. The word resonate means to produce or be filled with a deep and full sound, evoke images, memories, emotions, or meet with someone’s agreement. So when you hear a prophetic word that stirs up possibilities that fulfill a deep sense of purpose inside that is bigger than you, AGREE WITH IT! If it doesn’t resonate, you have the right to reject what’s being said. I’m not a fan of eating fish, so if someone offers it, I can easily say no thank you. You can politely say no to words that seem fishy! Lastly, we have to respond to what resonates.

Question 4: How do I respond?

  • Thank God for the prophetic word He gave you
  • Write it down
  • Declare it out loud
  • Meditate on it
  • Pray over it
  • Recognize who God has already put around you and connect with like hearted people to fulfill the prophecy
  • Act on the prophecy step by step (Don’t leap, when you’re meant to learn)

Throughout the years, I’ve realized that those who talk about their prophetic words, walk out their prophetic words. Not so much like Joseph, who told his jealous brothers his prophecy and got sold out. It’s more like Mary and Elizabeth. Mary spoke and what Elizabeth carried leapt within her. Get around the people who can leap for and prophesy over what you carry. It makes the prophetic journey a joyful one!

Prophecy is a sign of favor! And God’s favor on you attracts whatever is needed to fulfill the prophecy about you. You can read throughout scripture how when God spoke a prophetic word over someone’s life, favor followed to fulfill it. The favor of the Lord is so powerful! It can protect, but it can also propel. Learn to celebrate the favor of God on your life and disperse it to those around you.

Question 5: What happens when the enemy of your destiny hears your prophecy?

Receiving a prophetic word and growing in God’s favor doesn’t mean that your life becomes a cake walk. It actually means you’ve been invited into a cross walk! To carry God’s word in your spirit is to carry a target on your back. The liar hates the words of truth spoken about you and will do anything to stop you and those around you from fulfilling those words. He’ll try to send thoughts that mock and despise your ability to succeed. Satan will stir up strife around you and with people you know to distract and divide. All hell will break loose around you, when God puts prophecy in you!

I’d like to encourage and challenge you to use your prophetic words to encourage yourself, connect with others to do something great, and to beat the enemy down. These words are tools and weapons! You can do the impossible and defeat the invisible. Your life is full of promise and the opposition doesn’t mean you’re going in the wrong direction. It just means you’re going on the road that requires God’s strength, your commitment, and selfless soldiers to walk with you.

My prayer is that you would be imparted with fresh faith, fire, and fervency to fulfill your prophecies in your community to the glory of Jesus.

The Come Back


Can you feel it? Or has the emotional highs of love diminished over the years? Has the deficit in your day to day intimacy left a gaping hole in your life that must be filled? Are you aching to RETURN TO YOUR FIRST LOVE?

In the book of Revelation, John the beloved is receiving a prophetic word of correction to the early Church in Ephesus. They’ve been through perilous times, while toiling and persevering for the gospel. However, like all of us, we can get in survival mode and slowly drift into a place of lazy love. Their word was simple, “RETURN TO YOUR FIRST LOVE AND DO THE DEEDS YOU DID AT THE BEGINNING.”

So many of have experienced or are experiencing this “LOVE DEFICIENCY” right now. The only way to COME BACK to FIRST LOVE is to REPENT. REPENTANCE means to change the way you think to the way God thinks. Without getting complicated, it’s prioritizing loving Jesus again. Your priorities don’t lie! They speak of what you’re most passionate about and take up all your time, affection, and energies. No matter how much you try and dress it up, your life reveals who or what comes first.

If Jesus isn’t first, life is the worst! I can speak from personal experience. For most of us, we know that Jesus is COMING BACK for His Bride, but He’s waiting for His Bride to be ready. Paul reminds the Ephesians in his letter to them that the Bride of Christ is to be without stain, wrinkle, or blemish. I don’t know any bride who would start walking down that aisle with a stained and wrinkled dress. All of that would’ve been taken care of beforehand, am I right?

It’s the same for us, as the Bride of Jesus. Our dress, moral integrity cannot be full of sin and wickedness. Our COME BACK is essential for Christ’s COME BACK. Are you ready? If not, REPENT and RETURN to FIRST LOVE! It’s not about your moment of failure or weakness, but about your COME BACK. So many have started off with fiery passionate love for Christ and have fizzled out by the end. But this doesn’t have to be the case! The power to change is found in your willingness to.

In Matthew 25:1-13, 10 Virgins were waiting for the COME BACK of the Bridegroom. They were all pure, but some were wise and some were foolish. The foolish had their fiery lamps, but the wise had the oil to keep the fire burning. As they waited for His return, ALL OF THEM got drowsy and eventually fell asleep. At midnight, the Bridegroom was COMING BACK and they all lit their lamps in excitement to make their way to Him. However, the fire began to die out for the 5 foolish virgins, while the oil in the wise Virgins lamps continued to burn. The divide of being WISE and FOOLISH was revealed at the end for those who prioritized and prepared to see their Bridegroom.

What can we learn from this parabolic life lesson? I’ve learned, that it doesn’t matter if you have a blazing lamp of love for Jesus in the beginning, if you don’t have the oil of intimacy through trials to keep it burning. FIRE WON’T LAST WITHOUT OIL! Oil is developed by trusting God and staying close to Him no matter what, because you know He’s with you and for you. God recognizes and responds to the OIL in your lamp. Listen, all of us can get drowsy (negligent, careless) or fall asleep (yield to sin, indifferent towards personal salvation) as we wait for Jesus to COME BACK. But in our waiting, we can stay prepared and continue have hearts of eager expectation for Jesus’ glorious return.

The COME BACK is all about recovering what was lost during our times of deficit. The way to recover is to REPENT, RETURN TO FIRST LOVE, and DO THE DEEDS WE DID AT THE BEGINNING. This isn’t about a program or services, it’s about a Person and our service to Him. I believe that all of us are about to enjoy the greatest COME BACK story ever told, OUR OWN!

Let those with ears hear, I sense strongly that the Lord is separating the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats, the children of God and the children of the devil. In this separation there’s pain, but there’s about to be a point. The Lord is preparing a holy tribe of radicals who will do the the unthinkable, shake the unshakable, and break the unbreakable. A weight of glory is being placed upon those who have not been satisfied with the flesh and are crying out for the Spirit of Jesus. The barriers that were felt can no longer hold them. Whoever you are, live in surrender! Live yielded to the majestic power and presence of God. I declare a spiritual door has been opened for miraculous power. Those who have admitted their weakness will taste the powers of God and move in unusual intimacy with the Holy Spirit. What you’ve lost, God will restore and multiply. This is for the remnant who said yes even when it hurt. For you who have counted the cost you’ll get more than you bargained for in Jesus name amen.

Divine Interruptions


How would you feel if someone you deeply loved was on the brink of death and the only person that could help them was stopped by an INTERRUPTION on their way to save them? Imagine the panic and utter sense of urgency sweeping over and crashing into every emotional restraint you’ve ever mastered throughout your life. There’s no protocol in these extreme cases of desperation. This is where the rubber meets the road and you either FAITH or FLOP.

In Mark 5:21-43, the father of a dying 12 year old girl has dropped on his knees at the feet of Jesus, who was sharing a meal with family, friends, and fresh acquaintances. He INTERRUPTED Jesus! How rude! Yet, because of this man’s need, who could blame him for barging in? I mean, ONLY Jesus had the power to save his daughter’s life! The Savior stopped what He was doing and left. However, the crowds swelled around Him making it difficult for Him to make His way to a dying girl.

Heart racing and tears flowing, the father helplessly pushes through the crowd to show Jesus the way to his home. The man finally makes it past the masses and experiences some sense of relief only to look back in horror as Jesus has stopped in His tracks. The man launches back into the crowd to pull on Jesus and just as he gets to Christ a woman is speaking to a hushed crowd. He pauses and listens to her 12 year old story of bleeding out physically, emotionally, and spiritually. His heart rate calms and dried tears become fresh warm ones. The father’s heart fills with love for his 12 year old daughter and faith reminds him that Jesus is on the way.

No sooner had his faith climbed that it now was being challenged. A familiar voice spoke in his ear, “Master, your daughter has died. Why trouble Jesus any longer?” Suddenly, the voice of Jesus boomed over the report of death, “Do not be afraid, ONLY believe!” His eyes gazed into the man’s soul, fortifying his floundering faith. Jesus, the father, and a faithful few broke through the crowd and made it to his house only to face another crowd.

This crowd was much different. They wept, rolled on the ground, tore their clothes, and put ashes on their head. Jesus told them that the child was not dead, but alive. They laughed at Him, so He kicked them out of the house. Once all the doubters were removed, they made it to the bedside of the 12 year old girl. The Master leaned over the stiff, cold body, and commanded the little girl to rise as he grabbed her by the hand. Immediately, death was INTERRUPTED. Her flesh warmed, her color returned, and she rose up into the arms of Christ. The father, the bleeding woman, the crowds, the disciples, and the daughter were all caught in the middle of a DIVINE INTERRUPTION!

The Lord told me that:

Right now, there’s a battle in many people’s lives between DISTRACTION and DESTINY. So Jesus is DISTURBING the DIRECTION of those people’s lives with DIVINE INTERRUPTIONS. He’s causing holy DETOURS to reroute you to your purpose. As a vine dresser, He’s killing the ordinary things to bring life to the extraordinary things in your heart. This INTERRUPTION will be worth it! It won’t be comfortable, but it’ll release you into another level of INTIMACY and TRUST in Him.

The Lord says, “Will you BOW DOWN in humility or will you BOW OUT in defeat? If you don’t honor and lean into Me during the INTERRUPTION, you’ll never discover why I sent it. Don’t be afraid, ONLY believe! I will burst through and break through the chords of death surrounding you and those you love. This requires faith on your part and faithfulness on Mine. I won’t fail you. I won’t forsake you. I will INTERRUPT all things that hinder My best for your life. Yield to Me and lean in during what seems like a trial. This trial is just a triumph in disguise. You’ll now Me as your Ever-Present Help in time of need when you feel like you can’t take another step. I am your Rock and Redeemer. You will not fall! You will fly!”

I also release God’s virtuous power to two areas given to me as words of knowledge: I declare over barren wombs and infertility issues to be broken and for divine favor to be released for fruitfulness. I also declare prophetically over dead dreams and desires to come alive again in Jesus name. May the life-giving Spirit of Christ breathe into every tomb (dead place) and make it a womb (birth place) of glory. AMEN

The Season of the “Sell Outs”


There are many offensive things in this life, but not many are as repulsive as being a “SELL OUT.” But what does it mean to be a “SELL OUT?” In the world, a “SELL OUT” is someone who sacrifices their identity to be accepted by the majority. Their hunger to be popular causes them to exchange their one of a kind individuality, to be molded into an image they can never live up to. It’s sad isn’t it? However, there’s also another kind of “SELL OUT.” Let’s shift our perspective from a worldly concept to a Kingdom concept. This type of “SELL OUT” is someone who sacrifices their old life for Jesus, who in turn restores and solidifies their true identity in Him.

Mark 8:34-37

“If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it. “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? “For what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

This is the season for Kingdom “SELL OUTS” to take their rightful places as forerunners on the front lines of faith. To many have forfeited and exchanged their souls for the temporary, while sabotaging their eternal. When we exchange our souls for sins that are only pleasurable for a season, we “SELL OUT” to satan. Romans 6:23 reminds us that the wages of sin is death. Literally, every time we sin, we’re earning up for a payday that when we cash in, we won’t be able to live with the debt that we accrued.

We can no longer exchange the very soul God wants to change. We will constantly “SELL OUT” because we don’t have the proper value for what is truly valuable. It’s crazy! You’d sell the soul that Jesus died to save? If you’ve utterly failed in this area like I have, I’ve got some good news for you that turns this all around. I know a “SELL OUT” and He’s made an exchange. And this greatest exchange in human history happened on the cross of calvary. Jesus “the One and Only Son of God”, purchased the impure with His pure blood to purify us from all our sins. He was a “SELL OUT!” He sacrificed His life to give US new life. Are you getting it yet?

So many people read the Bible and miss it! They never realize that the Bible is the greatest ransom note ever written. It’s foolish to “SELL OUT” for those who have already sold themselves right? But “SELL OUTS” are foolish! They’re unconventional, unorthodox, and unhindered by limitations. Listen to the writings of a fellow “SELL OUT” named Paul.

Philippians 3:7-8

But whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ.

Can you here the anthem of a “SELL OUT?” Everything that looks like gain in the world, is considered garbage! Why? Because of the SURPASSING WORTH OF KNOWING CHRIST. Just knowing Christ was blowing his mind! A “SELL OUT” has decided to LIVE OUT eternity NOW. They refuse to wait for another day, so they grab a hold of every day to intentionally impact the world. There’s never a better day than today to be a “SELL OUT.” There’s no middle ground for any of us to stand on. If we don’t “SELL OUT” to Christ, we’ll be “PIMPED OUT” by the devil. The choice is yours.

Will you enter into the “SEASON OF THE SELL OUTS?”

My name is Josiah Centeno and I am a “SELL OUT” for Jesus Christ.

Pre Birthday Prophetic


Every year before my birthday, I take intentional time to review and meditate on all that God has done in my life within a years time. I can tell you that it’s normally a time full of tears of appreciation, joyful laughter, and deep repentance for any mistakes I’ve made along the way. Incase you were wondering what this practically looks like, what I do is I shut everything down and pull out every PROPHETIC WORD that has been given to me over the past couple years. I mean I pull out every single one!

Some of these WORDS are from the Father Himself, while others are from people that’ve been obedient to share with me what the Lord has spoken to them about my life. What I love about God is that He does nothing without first announcing it. The Father speaks His Word and the Holy Spirit makes it happen. Hallelujah!

So as I read each WORD,

  • I celebrate the ones that’ve come to pass
  • I verbally thank Him for the many ways He’s accomplished it
  • And I declare that His WORD over me would be refreshed for another year

Now the WORDS that’ve been given to me through a person that’ve come to pass, I make a couple modifications to my methods. First, I thank God for that person’s obedience and boldness to release the WORD. Secondly, I pray for them by name and declare that they continue to grow in the PROPHETIC GIFT that blessed my life. Lastly, I take time to reach out to them and thank them for delivering the WORD. This has been my practice for the past 5-6 years.

The PROPHETIC is so powerful. These WORDS have directed, corrected, and propelled my life into dimensions that I would’ve never imagined being possible. The PROPHETIC pierces through our darkened scope of life and shines light on the picture of God’s purpose for us. But many of us don’t realize that our personal PROPHETIC WORDS are not just about us. Remember this: When a PROPHETIC WORD is given TO you it’s not FOR you, but rather it’s THROUGH you FOR others.

I’ve seen many people idolize their PROPHETIC WORDS to the point of abandoning godly relationships in order to see the WORDS come to pass on their own terms. The sad thing is, that people treat personal PROPHECY like spiritual FLATTERY. PROPHETIC WORDS aren’t meant to FLATTER, but to FILTER. They FILTER through your flesh and give you FAITH to walk in spiritual integrity as you’re being conformed to the image and likeness of Christ. I’ve learned something profound in the past 10 years and that is this, “A GREAT WORD is always followed by a GREAT TEST!” This test is a PRESSURE TEST. And the PRESSURE is only there to SQUEEZE you, so that His Holy ANOINTING comes out. You have to feel squeeze it, so you won’t take credit for the ease! Hallelujah!

Due to the nature of God and God’s WORD, everything thing that He does and speaks must be like Him. God is pure and His WORDS contain the power to purify the person, before the promises can materialize through that person’s life. Here’s a trustworthy saying, “PROPHETIC WORDS come to TEST you, not to IMPRESS you.” And they don’t come to make you IMPRESSIVE to others either! These WORDS connect us to the purpose of God and to our destiny that’s woven together with other people. Are you getting it? His WORDS are like honey that attract favor and a fight. And you can’t avoid the fight you were born for.

Lastly, I’ve learned that all these wonderful WORDS invited me into a PROCESS not just to be blessed, but to be a blessing. The main reason, I’m sharing my heart, is to give what I’ve been given to make room in me to give more. As I read through my PROPHETIC WORDS, I’m seeing them fulfilled in the lives of those I’m connected to. His WORD to me, is flowing from me to them. They’re moving in the great things I’ve seen, tasted, and experienced. This has been the greatest joy of my 33rd year. As I enter into my 34th year, I’m excited to receive NEW PROPHETIC WORDS that’re connected to the people I’ve been called to release the glory of the Lord with. May you receive an impartation of my Father from my heart to yours as you read, in Jesus precious name amen.

Josiah Centeno aka WildMan of God

~Genesis 1:2-3, Genesis 22:1-2, Psalm 1:2, Psalm 19:7-8, Psalm 105:19, Proverbs 30:5, Amos 3:7, Habakkuk 3:2, James 1:2, 2 Peter 1:19, 1 John 3:3